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With over 13 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, we work in all verticals of the industry.  Everyday our team is sourcing the energy market seeking information on open roles.  We strive to provide ideas for increased change in responsibilities that ultimately increase your compensation.   If we can combine both of those variables for you, it typically makes sense to interview.

Interviewing will do one of the following three things for you:

1. You might find a new opportunity that puts you on a new earning and learning bracket.
2. You realize the opportunity is not ideally suited for you but gives you additional information and helps you articulate your future career direction.
3. You conclude that you are ideally matched in your current position and this helps you realize your fullest potential where you are.
We search for the best opportunities for you and let them speak for themselves.  Not every company poses “good fit.”  We strive to be transparent about every roll we present.  We hold each candidate’s information in strict confidentiality. 


Let us show you how we can assist you in meeting your career goals.