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Roosa and Associates is worldwide talent acquisition advisors to the energy industry. The company was formed in 2006 and has experience placing over 500 energy executives. Our infrastructure includes a team of researchers with access to a data base that includes 100,000 energy executives. We execute both permanent and contract placements with a success rate over 90%. Roosa and Associates is the solution to all your critical recruiting needs. 

E&P Focus: 

CEO’s, CFO’s, COO's, CIO's, Landman, General Counsel, Supply Chain Management, Operations, Exploration Management, New Ventures, Reservoir Engineers, Geologist, Reservoir Engineering Techs, Geo Techs, and Financial Analyst

Energy Finance Focus:

A&D Investment Banking (MD-Analyst Bankers),Reservoir Engineers, Geologist, Geo/GIS Techs and Reservoir Engineering Techs)

Investment Banking (MD-Analyst Bankers (E&P, Midstream, OFS and Downstream)

Private Equity (MD-Analyst (E&P, Midstream, OFS, and Downstream). 

Corporate and Reserve Base Lending (MD-Analyst Bankers (Reservoir Engineers, Techs)   

Midstream Operator Focus: C-level Management, Operations, Engineering, Facilities and Construction

Refining Operator Focus: C-level Management, Operations, Maintenance, Process Engineering, and Electrical Engineering

Liquid Terminal Focus: C-level Management, Operations, Engineering, Facilities and Construction

Gas Processing Focus: C-level Management, Operations, Engineering, Facilities and Construction

Midstream Suppliers Focus:  C-level Management

Energy Services (OFS) & Downstream Focus: C-level Management

Energy Law Firms Focus:  Partners-Associates, Reservoir Engineers (expert witness)